Sequence for Friday, May 14, 2021

Although this sequence uses the wall for every pose (the theme this week: Using the Wall!) you can certainly do all of them without the wall.

Swastikasana with back against the wall sitting on a high height
Urdhva hastasana
With legs up the wall, padmasana prep crossing the ankle over the other shin, lower thigh, upper thigh. Between positions, do supta baddha konasana
Adho mukha svanasana – first fingers and thumbs at the wall floor juncture
Adho mukh svanasana – heels at the wall
Utkatasana with the back against the wall. Slide down wall until “sitting”
Trikonasana with the back foot against the wall, with the front foot elevated at the wall
Vira II to parsvakonasana with the back foot at the wall, front foot elevated on a block at the wall
Ardha Chandrasana with the “up” leg foot on the wall, with the back to the wall
Legs up the wall as savasana

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