Sequence for the week ending 11/7/2020

The theme for this sequence is “Strength Building” in three particular areas; abdominals, arms and legs. Most of the focus was on the abdominal area and then incorporating those actions in other poses. The three components of this work are:

  • Lift pelvic floor- The pelvic floor is defined as a diamond shape with the four points of the diamond being the sit bones, pubic bone and tail bone.
  • slightly tip pubic bone towards navel
  • Roll right hip bone to left hip bone and left to right to engage lower abdominal muscles.

I’ll call this “abdominal action” in the sequence.

Here’s the sequence:

Sit either in a simple cross legged position (swastikasana) or between your feet (virasana).
Internally and externally rotate arms.
Interweave fingers and take arms overhead (baddha anguliasana). Switch interweave. Repeat.
On your back with knees bent, feet on the floor, hands under buttocks (this will tip the pubic bone towards the navel), engage pelvic floor, maintain the tip of the pubic bone, roll right hip bone to left/left to right to engage lower abdominals = Abdominal Action. Without letting the pelvis shift, lift one foot just enough to slip a piece of paper underneath. Repeat with the other foot.
Repeat without the hands underneath the buttocks
Repeat with one leg long along the floor
With both knees bent and feet on the floor, hands under buttocks, Abdominal Action and lift the right knee in the direction of your chest, the straighten the knee taking the foot in the direction of the ceiling. Lower leg until it is just an inch from the floor, lift it up with control (Abdominal Action!!), bend knee, lower foot. Repeat on the other side.
Repeat without hands under buttocks lifting and lowering twice
Repeat with one leg long along the floor lifting and lowering three times.
Repeat with hands over head instead of by your sides. Lift and lower four times.
Repeat with two legs (your choice if the hands are overhead, by your sides, under buttocks)
Boat pose (paripurna navasana) – modified with knees bent, hands behind thighs/arms straight, shins parallel to the floor, hands behind thighs/arms straight, legs straight and hands behind thighs/arms straight
Modified chaturanga dandasana on two or three blankets. Repeat removing one blanket each time
Downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana) – from hands and knees Abdominal Action and lift into down dog
Downward facing dog, one minute hold (you can continue to add minutes to your time to strengthen abs/arms/legs)
Downward facing dog with leg lifts, plank (Abdominal Action especially in the transitions)
Downward facing dog to plank to chaturanga dandasana (or, “flirt” with it bending the elbows slightly and pushing back up to plank)
Push ups on the wall (or kitchen counter) – ten repetitions with arms wide, arms narrow
Half full arm balance
Warrior 2 (virabhadrasana II) with the front foot up on a block. Abdominal Action before bending the knee to a right angle.
Parsvakonasana with the front foot up on a block. Abdominal Action before bending the knee to Vira 2, then to Parsvakonasana
Supta padangustasana 1, 2, 3

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