Sequence for the week ending 11/15/2020

Sit in simple cross legs (swastikasana) or between your feet (virasana)
With block between palms, bend elbows and lift block towards your face. Then take the block straight to the ceiling. Bend elbows and take block behind head. Straighten elbosw and take block to ceiling. Lower block in an arc to the starting position.
Bicep curls with block
Abdominal work – supine, tuck hands under buttocks. With one leg straight the other knee bet/foot on floor, tighten pelvic floor, tip pubic bone, fire abs with a “hip bone to hip bone” movement (Abdominal action). Then, lift shoulders and head. Look at navel. Hold a beat or 10. Lower shoulders and head to floor.
Supine with both knees bent, feet on the floor – Abdominal Action – lift shoulders and head and tap right fingers on right outer shin, tap left fingers on left outer shin, repeat 20 times (or fewer).
Half boat pose – ardha navasana
Downward facing dog – adho mukha svanasana
Downward facing dog, lift one leg, then the other. Plank. Lift one foot, then the other. Downward facing dog, pose of the child
Vasistasana or some sort of side plank
Ardha Pinchamayurasana – three hand positions (palms to ceiling, palms on the block, palms to floor).
Warrior 1 with foot on block (virabhadrasana 1)
Warrior 3 modified with hands on the seat of a chair -Abdominal Action!
Tadasana with block between thighs
Sirsasana with block between thighs – the all levels class did Half Headstand
Salamba Sarvangasana – shoulderstand or legs up the wall/chair shoulderstand or setubandha
Chair twists or simple cross legged twists

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