Sequence for the week ending 6/6/2021

Sit in a simple cross legged position with strap around back and shins
Sit in virasana and use strap around wrists to take support in urdhva hastasana and behind back
Tadasana and urdhva hastasana with strap on wrists
Trikonasana – with strap on front thigh
Vira II with strap on front thigh
Parsvakonasana with strap on front thigh
Repeat these three poses with strap as “harness”
Paripurna navasana – boat pose


Sequence for Friday, March 19, 2021

All of the poses in this sequence used a strap to enhance or support the poses.

Virasana with a strap looped under shins and over thighs
Swastikasana with strap across the upper back and around the shins
Adho Mukha svanasana with the loop around elbows
Supta padangustasana
Tadasana with loop around elbows for urdhva hastasana
Standing poses with the loop around the upper thigh of the front leg. Pull the strap so it helps rotate the thigh. Then thread the tail end of the strap between the legs and over the front of the back leg thigh to encourage the back thigh to draw back. Do Trikonasana, Vira II, Parsvakonasana this way on one side and then switch the strap to the other side.
Put the strap on like a harness – strap across the upper back, over shoulders and cross the two ends bringing them under the armpits. You’ll probably need at least and eight foot strap for this. Do Trikonasana, Vira II and Parsvakonasana this way.
Boat Pose – paripurna navasana holding the strap across the arches of the feet. Repeat with the large loop at upper back and across arches
Using a large loop, put part of the loop at the base of the skull, the other part across arches of the feet. on your back, press feet to increase the traction in the neck
Using a loop drapped over the seat of the chair, suspend your head in the loop for savasana


Sequence for Friday, July 17, 2020

This summer I’m teaching “themed” classes on Friday. This sequence used a strap for every pose. Next week, every pose with a block. This sequence was every pose with a strap. In August, all the poses will be with a backless folding chair.

Swastikasana with the strap in a loop, that loop around the shoulder blades, under the arm pits and over the knees. The strap should support the whole pose, knees high, balancing the weight not too far back or forward.
Urdhva Hastasana with the strap on the wrists. Repeat with four different rotations of the arms
Adho Mukha Svanasana with the strap on the elbows
Tadasana holding the strap in front and out to the side (at an angle) where you can take your arms up, down, up and over your head and down behind you. Widen your hands if you can’t get all the way over your head and down to your buttocks. With the strap in front of you, make the shape of an eight. Turn this into a paddle to the left, paddle to the right.
Bhekasana/dhanurasana combo
Salabhasana with a shoulder wide strap across the wrists lifting to ceiling and moving towards feet
Parsvottanasana with a shoulder wide strap across the wrists lifting slightly and moving towards feet. Arms are behind your back.
Vira 1 with a shoulder wide strap across the wrists lifting slightly and moving towards feet (arms behind back) and repeat with strap on wrist with hands over head
Uttanasana standing on the strap
Marichyasana 1 using strap to clasp
Savasana with strap on pinky sides of the feet