Sequence for the week ending 4/11/2021

This is the first in a three week series of classes targeted at gardening. For the past few springs I have done a “Yoga for Gardening” workshop. It’s a fun class, full of gardeners and yogis. Always a nice mix of people. There are three parts to this workshop: Yoga you should do 1-2 months before gardening to strengthen the core and prepare the arms, legs and torso, Yoga just before and while you are in the garden, and recovery from working in the garden. This is the first in the series (which can also be broken into two parts; core and arms/legs/torso.

Sit in a simple cross legged position – baddhanguliasana and other arms that help lengthen spine
Suptapdangustasana 1, 2, 3
Leg lifts – we did these three times. Once with one leg held up by the strap and the other going down and up, once with hands under buttocks, once with arms overhead. With both legs up, lower one almost to the floor and lift back up. Repeat but take the leg down one third of the way, hold, another third of the way, hold, almost to the floor, hold, lift all the way back up again.
Jatara parivatranasana – modified with knees bent
Adho mukha svanasana to plank
Paripurnanavasana – Boat pose
Purvottasana – we did this with hands on chair, hands on blocks
Tadasana – urdhva hastasana
Uttkatasana – can do with back against the wall and slide down the wall to a “chair” position
Vira II
Sirsasana if you are standing on your head. This is not a part of the gardening sequence but there was time in the class to throw in inversions
Salamba Sarvangasana – shoulderstand
Chatushpadasana – we did three ways. Once with a blanket under the shoulders, once with blocks under the feet, once without any props
Marichyasana 1

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