Sequence for Friday, March 19, 2021

All of the poses in this sequence used a strap to enhance or support the poses.

Virasana with a strap looped under shins and over thighs
Swastikasana with strap across the upper back and around the shins
Adho Mukha svanasana with the loop around elbows
Supta padangustasana
Tadasana with loop around elbows for urdhva hastasana
Standing poses with the loop around the upper thigh of the front leg. Pull the strap so it helps rotate the thigh. Then thread the tail end of the strap between the legs and over the front of the back leg thigh to encourage the back thigh to draw back. Do Trikonasana, Vira II, Parsvakonasana this way on one side and then switch the strap to the other side.
Put the strap on like a harness – strap across the upper back, over shoulders and cross the two ends bringing them under the armpits. You’ll probably need at least and eight foot strap for this. Do Trikonasana, Vira II and Parsvakonasana this way.
Boat Pose – paripurna navasana holding the strap across the arches of the feet. Repeat with the large loop at upper back and across arches
Using a large loop, put part of the loop at the base of the skull, the other part across arches of the feet. on your back, press feet to increase the traction in the neck
Using a loop drapped over the seat of the chair, suspend your head in the loop for savasana

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