Sequence for Friday, December 18, 2020

Sit on chair – all these poses use a chair
Use right hand on left side of head to weigh the right ear to right shoulder, switch sides
Use clasped hands behind head to weight head so chin comes to the chest
Gomukasana arms, behind back, in front of shoulder
Rock shin
Seated padangustasana with right fifth toe side of foot in crook of left arm right arm behind head, fingers hooked
Uttanasana to the chair
Malasana, knees over the back of the chair
Tadasana to urdhva hastasana to uttanasana to malasana to paripurna navasana to malasana to uttanasana to urdhvahastasana to tadasana using the chair
Marichyasana 1, 3 seated on the chair
Chair Sarvangasana

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