Sequence for the week ending 8/2/2020

Vajrasana – sit on feet. Variations: feet crossed at arch, big toes touching, toes turned under. While sitting on feet, baddhanguliasana, fist to flicking fingers, tips of the fingers touching thumb tip
Adho mukha svanasana – downward facing dog
Adho Mukha virasana – pose of the child. Use thumb first finger webbing to soften crease of the pant (thigh and torse juncture)
Simple cross legs – forward bend
Simple cross legs with shins up on bolster, forward bend
Upa Vista Konasana – forward bend
Prasarita Paffottanasana
Sidhasana – head to floor, let buttocks come up, then drop buttocks
Sirsasana (if confident)
Salamba sarvangasana or vipariti karani
Wrist work

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