Sequence for the week ending 6/14/20

We focused on shoulder rotation this week.

Swastikasana – while sitting rotate arms, one internally, one externally
urdhavastasana with four orientation of arms. Use a strap for support if you have one
Gomukasana arms
Adho mukha svanasana – downward facing dog
Supta Padangustasana
Tadasana – lift and lower shoulders, forward and back, circle
Arm circles: Internally rotate arm and bring it forward across the body and up
Externally rotate arm and take it back
Internal rotation of the arms and take paschinamiskarasana
external rotation of arms and take garudasana arms
Gomukasana arms (one arm internally / one arm externally rotated)
Parsvottanasana –  three times: hands down, paschimanistarasana, gomukasana
Virabhadrasana 1 – rotate arms
Sirsasana or Prasarita Paddottanasana
Chatushpadasana or setubandha

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