Sequence for the week ending 11/17/19

This week we worked on shoulders and upper back/chest. In the standing poses, we made a harness with a strap to give awareness of the trapezius muscles.

Badanguliasana – observe pinkie finger webbing, then redo not allowing the pinkie finger webbings to come apart. Straighten best you can, not forcing, take arms up as far as they can go. This will likely give some information about where the limitation is. This is what I call “Pinkie Priority” in badanguliasana
Urdhva Hastasana with four different arm positions
At the wall, at about an arm’s distance, place the hand on wall fingers pointing behind you, straighten arm. Repeat with three other hand positions.
Urdhva Hastasana with four different arm positions
Badanguliasana with pinkie priority
In the harness, standing poses:
Vira II
Vira I
Dwi Pada on a chair
Sirsasana (intermediate class only)
Salamba Sarvangasana with the strap (intermediate class only)
Setubanda on a block (beginning level class)
If there was time some classes did a twist, others did suptapadangustasana, others went right to …

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