Sequence for the week ending 6/3/2018

This week in most of my classes we did poses and used the rope wall to lengthen the torso in preparation for a bit of pranayama. It also was very hot this week so it was a less physical way to do our yoga and get benefit from doing our yoga.

Swastikasana (sit cross legged)
Virasana with baddanguliasana, urdhva hastasana arms
Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog)
Rope Adho Mukha Svanasana
Rope Ardha Uttanasana with partners
Holding half length ropes and sliding down the wall in a sitting position
Dwi pada vipariti dandasana on a chair
Rope sirsasana (advanced class only)
Setubandha or vipariti karani
Supta Baddho Konasana with a little pranayama in the more advanced groups
Supported savasana with a little more pranayama

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