Sequence for the week ending 3.25.2018

Happy Spring! The equinox was this week and in honor of the arrival of spring, I incorporated sun salutations. We ‘deconstructed’ parts of the sun salutation sequence and then put it all together. It went something like this.

Swastikasana (sit cross legged)
Adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog), leg lifts, plank, lift a foot, then a hand
Adho mukha svanasana and jump over a couple of blocks
Lunges (three times with hands on blocks)
Transition from a lunge to Trikonasana, Vira II and Parsvakonasana (intermediate class)
charurangadandasana- options included blocks under hands or arms in a triangle
Adho mukha svanasana to urdhva mukha svanasana (down dog to up dog)
Surya Namaskarasana – sun salutations
Sirsasana (intermediate class)
salamba sarvangasana (chair, classic, legs up the wall)

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