Encasement sequence

The encasement sequence is a unique kind of sequence where the first pose is the last pose, the second pose is the second to the last pose, and so on, with a “peak” pose in the middle. I often use it at the end of the eight week session as a quieter more restorative kind of sequence. Hold each pose 3-8 minutes, depending on your ability and time.

The sequence starts with swastikasana, supported at the wall, legs supported with a long skinny blanket placed between the shins and feet.

Savasana (not pictured)
Prone twist to a bolster

prone twist (1 of 1)

Supta baddhakonasana

supta baddhakonasana (1 of 1)

Either ardha halasana, salamba sarvangasana, ardha halasana OR legs up the wall.

The the sequence continues with
suppta baddha konasana
prone twist to a bolster
swastikasana at the wall

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