Sequence from the week ending 1/19/2018

This past week in my classes we worked on poses that help strengthen the abdominal area and arms. In addition we game some attention to our feet to help improve our odds of maintaining balance in tree pose and half moon pose.

Here’s the sequence done in most of the classes this week.

Sit cross legged/Swastikasana
Downward facing dog/Adho Mukha Svanasana
Plank/prep for chaturangadandasana
Boat pose/Paripurna navasana
Pull ups on the ropes, push ups on the wall
Thread fingers in between the toes for some foot work
Tree pose/Vrksasana
Half Moon pose/Ardha Chandrasana
Dwi pada vipariti dandasana
Shoulderstand or legs up the wall
Chair twist/chair bharadvajasana
Corpse pose/savasana

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