Sequence for week ending 1/28/2018

It was a backbend week concentrating on opening the chest and lengthening the thighs to do Urdhva Danurasana in many (many!) different ways, mostly with a chair.

Swastikasana -sitting cross legged
Virasana – hero pose
Adho mukha svanasana – downward facing dog
Blocks along the spine, blocks across the spine
Ardha Bhekasana – half frog pose
Dwi pada vipariti dandasana (not all classes)
Urdhva danurasana – upward bow pose, many versions
(“Rocket man”, seat of the chair, back of the chair)
Salamba sarvangasana or legs up the wall
Chair twist

Here are some photos of the set ups for urdhva danurasana:

“Rocket man”



From the seat of the chair:



Over the back of the chair: It’s important to stomp the heels into the front legs of the chair before going over the back!


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